Greetings, my name is Justin Beckwith. I am a Product Manager at Google, where I help make the cloud. I used to work at Microsoft, where I also helped make the cloud. I like to make things. I'm trying to make it easier to develop applications for the cloud. Over the years I've solved a lot of interesting problems.  I would like to use this blog to share those answers with others, and hopefully start some interesting discussions.

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QCon NYC 2013 Continuous Delivery with Windows Azure
AngleBrackets 2013 WebMatrix 3 - Code Editor for the Cloud
Microsoft Build 2012 Continuous Integration with Windows Azure Websites
WordCamp NYC 2012 WebMatrix 2: Uber geek in designer clothes
Channel 9 Coding Node.js in WebMatrix 2
Channel 9 Justin and Vishal Build an Image-sharing Site with Windows Azure Web Sites
Streaming Media East 2009 Making Effective Online Video for Education